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Designing with OASIS® Floral Foam

  1. Clean your soaking containers and cutting tubs daily with Floralife® D.C.D.® Industrial Cleaner to eliminate the presence of bacteria.

  2. Fill soaking containers with fresh water and the proper amount of Floralife® Flower Food. To ensure maximum cut-flower life, floral foam should always be soaked in a water and flower food solution. Follow the directions on the label to ensure the proper mix of water and flower food.

  3. Free float OASIS® floral foam by placing the foam on the surface of the water. As the foam absorbs the water, the foam will begin to sink. OASIS® floral foam is completely saturated when it rests with about ¼" remaining above the surface of the water.

    • A standard size brick holds approximately two quarts (approximately two liters) of water. Fill the soaking container with a sufficient amount of water and flower food to allow your foam products to saturate completely.

    • Soak pre-caged foam products and OASIS® bouquet holders, etc., by placing the product with the foam side resting on the water.

    • Do not forcibly submerge foam. Doing so will result in damaging dry pockets within the center of the foam, which greatly reduces flower life.

    • Saturation time varies, based upon foam density and the size of the foam product. As a general rule, a standard size brick of OASIS® floral foam saturates in less than one minute.

  4. Place flower stems in foam firmly. To ensure continuous hydration, the stem must be in contact with the foam and inserted deep enough to obtain a continuous water supply. Avoid inserting a stem all the way through foam, as the stem may lose contact with its water source.

  5. When you need to reposition a stem, remove the stem entirely, re-cut it, and reinsert the stem into the foam. Do not reinsert the stem into the same hole, as the crushed cell structure will no longer be able to hydrate the stem. Also, air pockets are created when a stem is inserted and partially pulled out.

The uniform cell composition of OASIS® floral foam controls saturation time and increases the hydration of cut flowers. OASIS floral foam consistently moves water from cell to stem; therefore, maximizing the life of cut flowers.

The cell structure of OASIS® floral foam is also important, because it provides a snug fit for any size stem. Stems inserted into OASIS Floral Foam stay put because the dense construction prevents enlarging of holes, even during transit.