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a closer look: OASIS® Brand Floral Foams

OASIS® Brand Floral Foams are distinguished by their uniform cell structure, designed to mimic the cellular structure of a flower, and by their specific strengths. These properties are key to the foam’s superior performance; including the highest rate of consistency, brick after brick, stem security and absorption rate, while providing low drainage. Flowers secured in OASIS® Floral Foams enjoy longer life through continuous hydration, as the cell structure of the foam resembles the biological make-up of plant stem cell structure.

a closer look: OASIS® Wedding Products

OASIS® Wedding Products offer a wide range of possibilities, including pew holders, bouquet collars, corsage magnets and bouquet holders for every size bridal bouquet.

a closer look: OASIS® Decorative Accessories

OASIS® Decorative Accessories, such as sparkling gems, decorative wire, and brooches, add dimensional details to floral arrangements and bouquets, giving your floral designs a unique and value-added look.

a closer look: OASIS® RAINBOW® Foam

OASIS® RAINBOW® Foam was introduced as a new, innovative floral foam, which changed all the rules of floral designing. This wettable polyurethane floral foam is available in a wide array of colors, adding eye-catching, contemporary style to any arrangement.

a closer look: OASIS® Utility Products

OASIS® Utility Products include cutting tools, manufactured to the highest standards, and waterproof tapes, adhesives, glues and anchor pins, which have become staples of every floral shop.

a closer look: OASIS® Brand Sympathy Products

OASIS® Brand Sympathy Products offer a personal touch to celebrating life, including mache-based hearts and casket saddles.

a closer look: FLORALIFE® Brand Post-Harvest Products

FLORALIFE® Brand Postharvest Care and Handling Products provide a complete line of flower hydrating and nutrient solutions under the Floralife® brand.

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